South Dublin Taekwondo

Capital Cup London

SDTKD sent a small handful of Players to a test tournament in London recently where 6 players competed in the Capital Cup on May 11th in preparations for tournaments later in year. The day trip proved a great day for the club with all 6 coming home with awards from their respective divisions. Players & results included:

Name Division Result
Megan Murphy -59 Cadet / Junior  bronze
Louise Lawless -55 Cadet  silver
Jordan McKenna -63 Junior  silver
Jack Woolley -45 Junior  silver
Dylan Leonard -63 Senior  bronze
Alex Murphy -54 Senior  gold
Travelling Players & Coaches who met with Wexford Based Master Ponde & Family at London Event.

Travelling Players & Coaches who met with Wexford Based Master Ponde & Family at London Event.

Highlights of the day include fine performances from all players in attendance in particular;

  • Dylan Leonard’ s kicking speed was fantastic on the day, & caught a few eyes in a substantial -63 male division with many A Class players. 360’s were flying.
  • Louise Lawless fought an excellent semi final, controlling her match well, even after being punched straight in face & having a busted nose, went onto final where she was awarded silver.
  • Jordan McKenna’s 58 & 63 division was merged where once he passed through semis,  he met a tall 63 fighter in final, and Jordan was in great form, using his recent fearless fighting style to go all the way, in an exciting final for all watching. A great show of sportsmanship at the end of match saw Jordan declare a score against him that the corner judges did not see. Well done Jordan.
  • Jack Woolley paired of in final of -45kg against the winner of last weeks A Class Spanish Open. Onlookers will note the 4-3 loss in final was somewhat dubious, with recent SDTKD practiced head shot tactic being waved off by centre referee as ‘An Invalid Kick Type’. [YES THAT MAD KICK – IT WAS LATER VALIDATED MY HEAD REFEREE MASTER COLDING AS PERFECTLY LEGAL] With 3 disallowed head shots, and a kyongo for ki-haping, a 4-3 against scoreline meant the medal was silver, but from match experience & mental perspective it was very much a victory.
  • Alex Murphy’s Gold medal in a well controlled Final using defensive fighting skills to their fullest. Fantastic control of the match saw the return of Alex’s recent flying form. A tasty pushing kick with seconds to go reinforced Alex’s dominance in the ring.
  • Megan Murphy, a green belt fought in the red & black belt tournament & went all the way with an experienced black belt with a high scoring semi of 19-16 where she was pipped by an early head shot. Whilst Megan was very much punching above her weight, we are delighted to see one of our intermediate players make the big step up.

The greatest news of the day was not with match results, but with the focus & discipline of the team. A small handful of students were selected to test how players would react in an environment travelling without parents [one parent attended in support of all]. The team very much paved the way for other club students & we plan to set up similar training groups in the future to mirror the efforts of this group & work in tandem towards achieving their goals.

Well done all & thanks to Mr. Alex Murphy & Mr. Dylan Leonard who were responded to request to travel & miss work to be there as back up coaches, just in case.  Also thanks to Mr. Ryan Woolley who has been putting alot of focus on up & coming players during Saturday morning extra curricular sessions. Thanks to Emma who travelled as supporter & also thanks to Annmarie for travelling as a parent. Hopefully we can get another parent to return favour next time!

Some pics & video below!