South Dublin Taekwondo


Nashat wins Senior Player of the Tournament

We selected a strong team for this years Opening Major Tournament on the Irish Calendar. The Meath Open on 23rd March took place in Trim GAA Club once again, with Daedo PSS Scoring for all Junior & Senior divisions. With 35 entries playing on the 3 rings SDTKD were busy throughout the day.

Highlights of the day include many successful medal victories noted in list below, and performances of some note from many of our players including;

  • Megan Murphy’s final match kicking blitz to clinch gold.
  • Janella Depakikibo was in fierce form in her PeeWee division with super 360’s, and then in Cadets with head shots winning her 2 golds.
  • Sean O’Reilly’s return to the ring to win gold.
  • Nashat Basel, 17, winning gold in his first senior advanced division in -87kg.
  • Jed Rena’s six match division going all the way to gold with the match of the day.

There was many other highlights during the day including some very mature performances in SDTKD vs SDTKD matches where players lined up to score points on their own club mates to ensure they gained as much mat practice ahead of upcoming events in the next few weeks. Glen Leonard stepped up to advanced to give Jack Woolley a strong test, Nashat paired off against friend Jeff, who nicked the match in dying seconds landing a spinning head shot [that Nashat probably taught him!!], Louise & Niamh resumed their ongoing rivalry, and Sarah Carney was also in action against Louise after seeing off her black belt semi-final opponent, Mark Stanley & Sean O’Reilly did battle, and leading by example, Ryan Woolley & Dylan Leonard ensured they are kept ring fresh by competing in the final of -68kg setting an excellent example to young onlookers from the club.

The day was incredibly smooth running for the club with many hands making light work. Coaches on duty on the day were Robert & Alex, supported by Dylan. Mark Parsons & Terry O’Reilly who have been introduced as support coaches were a great backup & Terry coordinated all players to the ring throughout the day. Ryan did his share of corner judging on the day. Thanks to all for their hard work & taking time out to support the Team.

Club mascots & Taekwondo Tots ensured they played their part collecting the Overall Team Champions trophy at the end of the day, SDTKD’s 3rd time in a row in Meath.

2 further honours were bestowed upon the team. Nashat was awarded ‘Best Male Senior’, and Jed was awarded ‘Best PeeWee Male’.

Many thanks to our hosts Dojang Ireland for another impeccably ran tournament.

Well done to all SDTKD Players who were in great spirits throughout the day. Roll on Belgium next week………

Meath Individual Winners By Category

Meath – Team Trophy Results

No Name Result No Name Result
1 Rena Kim [PW]  bronze 19 Carney Sarah  silver
2 Rena Kim [Cadet]  gold 20 Leonard Glen [A Class]  silver
3 Rena Jed  gold 21 Norris Cian  gold
4 Bowes Nathan  gold 22 Murphy Megan  gold
5 Hicks Liam  bronze 23 Gabriel Sweeney  bronze
6 Ingram Jason  bronze 24 Mills Robert  bronze
7 Stanley Mark 25 Clifford Roy  bronze
8 Sweeney Sebastian 26 Grant Craig  silver
9 Depakakibo Jopert 27 Woolley Jack  gold
10 Depakakibo Janella [PW]  gold 28 Leonard Glen [B Class]  gold
11 Depakakibo Janella [Cadet]  gold 29 Cheape Donal  silver
12 Depakakibo Jamiliah  silver 30 Cousins Lee  silver
13 Mohammed Jeff  gold 31 Leonard Dylan  silver
14 Coughlan Cian  bronze 32 Woolley Ryan  gold
15 Burke John  bronze 33 Basel Nashat [A]  gold
16 O’Reilly Sean  gold 34 Basel Nashat [B]  silver
17 O’Reilly Niamh  bronze 35 Feng Ethan  silver
18 Lawless Louise  gold
19 Parsons Luke  gold
20 Gaffney Jamie  bronze