South Dublin Taekwondo

New Black Belts 2018

South Dublin Taekwondo Club has 8 new black belt ranks at its club after a successful grading with under the Irish Taekwondo Union last weekend. The team of candidates were put through their paces by Korean Grandmaster Ji-Pyo Lim, a world renound Taekwondo practitioner.

The grading was composed of the dynamic sport taekwondo elements which are widely known from media exposure, and also included traditional taekwondo elements including movements, forms, self defense & breaking. The new ranks at the club include; Saluman Ayidi, Saud Ayidi & Mariusz Malecki who all passed to first Dan black belt, Adam Nugent achieved 2nd Dan, Abby Gorman & Lauren Farrell both earned 3rd Dans, Jack Woolley graded to 4th Dan and Club Head Coach Robert Taaffe secured his 6th Dan. Coach Taaffe noted, ‘Today was a special day, it was a privilege to test alongside my own students in our new club. Jack achieved 4th Dan, a massive milestone in Taekwondo. He now has title of ‘Master’ but I think he mastered this sport many years ago.’