South Dublin Taekwondo

NI International Poomsae 2013

A squad of 30 Taekwondo players made the journey up to Lisburn Co. Antrim for the 2013 Northern Ireland International Poomsae Championships. The group consisted of a diverse group of players all displaying their WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) talents. There were so many top performances on the day, hard to mention all. Performances of note include:

  • Treble gold medal haul for both Kim Rena & Jophert Depakakibo who were victorious in all 3 of their divisions entered; individual, pairs & trio.
  • Other medallists included Jack Woolley winning gold in a strong Junior Division
  • SDTKD Qualified Referees were on duty in the Judges Chairs.
  • Coach Taaffe picked up an International gold.
  • Club 3 man team including coaches Ryan Woolley & Dylan Leonard teaming up with young Jack Woolley won silver.
  • 3 man PW’s Oisin, Jed & Jophert noted as ‘Heart Warming’ by onlooking referee.
  • Leroy’s sportsmanship in defeat at end of individual division was duly noted by the GB Poomsae Team Master Bisecas as a lovely moment.
  • Many strong performances from C/B class grades which have become quite competitive within the club alone.

SDTKD Team At End Of Event

The event was once again run impeccably by the UTANI Team ad was noted throughout the day by our travelling parents as a fantastically coordinated event. The divisions are getting stonger & stronger, in particular the A Class Cadets, where a lot of our members will have strong opposition in the coming years.

As most know we pride ourselves in teaching not only the fighting sport of Taekwondo, but also ensure students are fully versed in ‘Poomsae’ performance. Whether for competition, gradings, self-defence, fitness or general taekwondo knowledge to pass onto more junior students, at SDTKD we ensure a good level of Poomsae knowledge is compulsory, to ensure strict quality control of progressing students & enhancing their knowledge & enjoyment of our Art. The event was a great occasion for SDTKD once again, where we picked up our 3rd International Team Trophy, placing 2nd overall at the event, behind local Lisburn Taekwondo. SDTKD has one eye on upcoming World Poomsae Championships scheduled to be held in Bali in 2013, Mexico 2014 and beyond for their strong squad of up & coming players, but most importantly for the short term the added technical focus should allow members test at a strong level for the upcoming SDTKD Summer Grading.

For those who didnt manage to pick up a medal, dont worry, it happens to the best of players too. There is always next time!! Poomsae will be part of the upcoming ITU Irish Open this summer!

Detailed result list below:

No Name Medals No Name Medals
1 Ryan Woolley  Silver 16 Leeroy Dilandu  Silver
2 Dylan Leonard  Silver 17 Grace Hicks  Silver
3 Jack Woolley  Gold Silver 18 Oisin McKenna  Gold Silver
4 Robert Taaffe  Gold 19 Kim Rena  Gold Gold Gold
5 Aoibhe Thornton 20 Jed Rena  Gold Gold
6 Conor McKenna 21 Megan Murphy  Gold Gold Silver
7 Pauline Martin  Gold 22 Adam Nugent  Gold Gold Silver
8 Lauren Martin  Gold Bronze 23 Nasim Kourrini  Gold
9 Louise Lawless  Gold Bronze Bronze 24 Jake Mulhall  Gold Silver
10 Sarah Carney  Gold 25 Gabriel Sweeney
11 Jamiliah Depakakibo  Gold Bronze 26 Sebasitian Sweeney
12 Justin Depakakibo  Silver Bronze 27 Michal Slowinski
13 Janella Depakakibo  Gold Gold 28 Karl Negrillo  Gold
14 Jophert Depakakibo  Gold Gold Gold 29 Cian Coughlan
15 Jamie Gaffney  Bronze 30 Ben Nugent


A Class

-17 Male

Jack Woolley – Gold


-39 Male

Robert Taaffe – Gold


1st Team

Ryan, Jack, Dylan – Silver


B Class

Leeroy Dilandu – Bronze


-14 Female

Louise Lawless – Bronze

Lauren Martin – Bronze


-17 Male

Justin Depakakibo – Silver


-17 Female

Jameliah Depakakibo – Gold


-39 Female

Pauline Martin – Gold


Cadet Pair

Leroy / Grace – Silver

Louise / Jamie – Bronze


1st Pair

Justin / Jamiliah – Bronze


Cadet Female Team

Lauren / Louise / Sarah – Gold


C Class

-9 Male

Oisin McKenna – Silver


-11 Male

Jophert Depakakibo – Gold

Jed Rena – Silver


-11 Female

Kim Rena – Gold


-14 Male

Jake Mulhall – Silver


-14 Female

Megan Murphy – Gold

Janella Depakakibo – Silver


D Class

-9 Male

Karl Negrillo – Gold


-14 Male

Adam Nugent – Gold


C/D PW Pair

Jed & Kim – Gold


C/D Cadet Pair

Jophert & Janella – Gold

Adam & Megan – Silver


C/D PW Male Team

Oisin, Jed, Jophert – Gold


C/D Cadet Male Team

Adam, Nasim, Jake – Gold


C/D Cadet Female Team

Megan, Janella, Kim – Gold