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Poomsae Referee Seminar

SDTKD were delighted to accept the invitation from UTANI to coordinate at their Poomsae Judges Course on 24th March in Rosetta Taekwondo Club, Belfast. SDTKD first timers in attendance were Mr. Dylan Leonard, Jenni Keogh, Pauline Martin & Jamilah Depakakibo, alongside Coach Robert Taaffe, International Referee.

SDTKD With GM Shin & Master Culbert

SDTKD With GM Shin & Master Culbert

The course was delivered by Grandmaster Tong Wan Shin, 9th Dan Blackbelt & 2 Times World Poomsae Champion.

The Day was broken into 2 halves, the morning involved study of key points of the WTF Rules [Click Here For A Copy]. A detailed breakdown of all key judging criteria & movements of poomsae  was the focus. Analysis of poomsae from local blackbelts proved an excellent visual aid to the course.

The afternoon involved a practical practice session with Taeguk 1 to Chonkwon being interrogated in great detail. There were test performances, test judging and finally exam judging and performances of all hopefuls.

The day was thoroughly enjoyable & SDTKD would like to thank GM Shin, Master Culbert & Mr. Damien Duffy’s Rosetta Club for inviting your Southern neighbours.

Looking Forward to Competing & Assisting at upcoming  NI International Poomsae Championships.


Robert Taaffe

SDTKD Head Coach / WTF IR

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Poomsae Referee Seminar

Seminar Group Photo