South Dublin Taekwondo

SDTKD Autumn Grading 2019

South Dublin Taekwondo Club held their Autumn edition of their club grading. The Olympic style taekwondo club who hold 2 grading examinations per year put its members to work in a test of their knowledge of different disciplines of taekwondo including basic movements, patterns, sparring techniques and breaking. There were 36 students who presented for the exam with a further 3 who were asked to do s test refresher as preparation for future black belt gradings. At the conclusion of the grading SDTKD Head Coach & grading examiner Robert Taaffe have special mentions to two groups of grading applicants; Arsh Dubey and Samantha Makecka were commended in their consistent hard work rate throughout the grading, and a group of newly promoted ‘black tags’ including Sean Byrne, Oisin Murphy, Samantha Malecka & Eamonn O’Callaghan were applauded after sitting their final ever Colour Belt Grading before setting to work to prepare for their black belt grading next year.