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SDTKD – Member Hygiene

SDTKD Club Do’s And Don’ts – Member Hygiene

Cleanliness & personal hygiene is a key part of your attendance at South Dublin Taekwondo, not only for your own health, your team mates health but as a reflection as your dedication to training and the respect of your club!

Having your taekwondo hygiene in check ensures a disciplined mind-set and should mitigate against any unnecessary potentially avoidable illness or injury to you, your team mates and coaches, and visa versa. If everyone ensures they do their bit, our club should keep an excellent standard of hygiene.

Taekwondo is a disciplined sport, but this discipline is not only in training, it applies to your preparation for training and after training!



SDTKD students should present for training with clean uniforms / training apparel.

Ensure you wash feet and hands thoroughly before coming to training and after training.

Showering or bathing after training is an absolute must.

If you use the bathroom during training, ensure you wash your hands thoroughly with soapy water, and leave the bathroom in a tidy state for the next user, as you would expect to find it.

If you have any cuts / sores / grazes, ensure they are fully covered and not exposed during training. Plasters / bandages should not fall off during training. Ensure you inform the coach of any serious wound that might impede training.

Should you need to cough or sneeze, use a tissue or your arm to cover your mouth & nose – not your hands.

Your sparring equipment’s should be clean / ventilated between uses. Leaving them in your kit-bag between training with sweat until the next use is not hygienic for you or your team mates. This encourages bacteria to fester and fungi to grow.

Washing of your sparring equipment occasionally [hand wash] is recommended.

Regular wiping down of your sparring equipment with anti-bacterial wipes or sprays should occur regularly.

Sparring gear does not last forever, if it is old beyond repair and has continuous odour, it is time to replace it! The more you train, the more you will need to replace equipment.

Cut and clean your finger & toenails regularly at home, not at the club.

Clean your mouth guard between uses, and regularly disinfect it.



If you feel unwell, don’t come to training.

If you have been sick, ensure you have recovered with the appropriate downtime before returning to training.

If someone close to you has had a serious illness that can be passed on from person to person, please take some time away from training to ensure you have also not picked up the illness.

Don’t share drinks with team mates.

Don’t share sparring equipment with team mates.

Don’t train with open wounds.

Do not train in shoes that have been worn outdoors. In exceptional circumstances where shoes are permitted hey must be thoroughly clean.

Don’t throw your mouth guard into your sweaty kit bag. Wash it and put it in a clean container.


Your Taekwondo Hygiene is Your Responsibility!!!

SDTKD Members & Parents should keep their Taekwondo hygiene in the forefront of their mind at all times. Personal hygiene and the condition of your taekwondo equipment is more than just beneficial to your health and those around you. It is beneficial for personal development too. Good hygiene encourages self-discipline, self-awareness, and encourages respect and dedication. Teaching good hygiene also teaches SDTKD members to care about themselves, their property and to have due care & consideration towards their team mates & those around them.